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Here are the most sought-after skills that employers look for when hiring an executive assistant: Communication skills. Senior EA’s invariably have a bachelors degree - usually in Business Administration or similar. The process is also tied in with our salary and remuneration package. Do College Graduates Make More Money Than High School Graduates? Looking at the different leadership styles, can you see which approaches will work well when managing up? I’ve also watched a lot of TED talks and tried to replicate the confidence of their speakers. Hard Skills for an Executive Assistant: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, SharePoint; Database management; Calendar management; Online research ; Business Knowledge; Soft Skills for an Executive Assistant: Communication (written and verbal) My first attempt at public speaking was back in 2013 at an exhibition for assistants and office managers. The more radical the change or improvement is, the harder it is to gain permission or buy-in from others. This is what I often tell myself before I get up on stage. We must have advanced skills for C-suite Executive Assistants. Take, for example, the staff in a manufacturing company who researched and implemented changing the packaging to a cleaner cheaper option. Adept in Technology. Key Skills for an Executive Assistant . For Assistants, we are often told that we have to be perfect, that we work in a high-pressurised environment where mistakes can not be made. The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Un Personal / Executive Assistant endosse une position de confiance. Even though at the moment of impact, receiving critical feedback can sting since it feels bad to be told that you don’t measure up, yet we need the reality check to jump-start us back into realignment. Why did they hire you, and how do they want to you manage them and your team? But other employees tend to feel overwhelmed by such a leader’s demands for excellence—and to resent his tendency to take over a situation. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become an executive assistant. Give each member of the team autonomy over their work. Many administrative assistants also handle a file management system, either physically or on a computer, and should be adept at storing and retrieving files. Prioritization. We must have advanced skills for C-suite Executive Assistants. It is not an easy job that you can wake up and decide to apply for. 10 Jan 2021 accessed. Duties are likely to include screening or answering phone calls, letters, and emails, managing schedules, and … Personal assistants are similar to executive assistants or office assistants in that all perform routine administrative-type tasks so that someone else does not have to. We are in a role that does require organisational skills, remembering lots of detail and making our Executive’s success. Senior Executive Assistants adopt an attitude of regular professional development. Top 10 Skills Needed for Executive Assistants. One of the Best Executive Assistant Skills You Need to Know. Examples of organizational skills include planning, delegation and office management. Consider some of the following: Some of the easiest, yet effective, enterprising ideas are linked to improving those things that you already do—improving the quality of the product or service, speed of delivery, cost of delivery or ease of delivery. Source: *United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Check that you have everything you need, your slides are up and in the right order, you have a podium if you need one and you have some water in case you start coughing uncontrollably, which is a real fear of mine! Last but not least try to keep your breathing steady and your voice slow and conversational. We must be given a licence to learn and space to grow. If I feel confident about the way I look, it is more likely that I will deliver an excellent presentation. Most administrative assistant positions do not have an education requirement; however, many managers prefer executive assistant candidates with an associate or bachelor's degree in areas such as business or the industry in which they are seeking a job. Tasked with saving time for all top-level executives. The day-to-day duties of an executive assistant often include administrative activities, like typing letters, writing reports, arranging meeting and conference calls, conducting research and overseeing other administrative assistants. In this mindset, the hand you’re dealt is just the starting point for development. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. It is harder than ever to differentiate as a business, keep customers returning and increase profits. It is worth taking the time to plan out which styles will work effectively with the various challenges you have come up over the year. Again I’ve used this a few times in the past. So, where do we start to develop an Assistant growth mindset? This is a resume example for administrative professional with job experience as Executive Assistant and Office Manager and would be appropriate for any high level administrative position.The sample opens with an executive style summary paragraph that outlines the core qualifications. It may help to have a few friends sitting in the front rows so that you can look at them while you are speaking as friendly faces do help ease nerves! Working collectively and sharing best practice in your EA network, Emotional Intelligence for Executive Assistants. As a vital member of the team, you are perfectly suited to support others in their ambitious projects. But she didn’t and if you do something embarrassing you should carry on too – that is what I tell myself anyway! This style is particularly useful for building team harmony or increasing morale. Another tip I’ve learnt over the last year is to get comfortable with the room before the presentation. Fulfilled all executive assistant duties for four top executives in an international firm. You should work with an Executive who also has a growth mindset, someone who shows that they are vulnerable and is open about their failures. They may also handle more demanding tasks and assignments that may be sensitive or confidential. Demonstrate the desire and understanding to change course and to move to the correct road. Also, affiliative leaders rarely offer advice, which often leaves employees in a quandary. Executive assistants must be excellent communicators with colleagues as well as customers or other external stakeholders. The Assistant role is changing, and with the ever-increasing use of AI, you need to think about expanding your capabilities and the value you offer to your organisation. Good Example. Many of the more straightforward ideas, once implemented, can be replicated throughout an organisation and have a huge impact. To help understand how you can lead in your organisation, you first need to understand what your Executive wants from you – what their expectations are. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives. Will I feel like a winner or a loser? However, without fault and the room to make mistakes, how are we expected to grow in our career and our roles? What support do you need from your Executive to work in partnership? In this post, we are going to look at how Assistants can establish a ‘growth mindset’, and we are going to follow Carol Dweck’s book Mindset and her 2013 TED talk on the subject. Facility with computers, computer programs and modern technology is essential, as are professional telephone and face-to-face communications skills. Perhaps you can see ways in which you could change or improve something in the business which would develop the quality of the offering or increase profits. I have spent weeks reading my notes out loud and in front of very very helpful friends and family. Here is Carol Dweck’s description of someone with a fixed mindset: I’ve seen so many people with this one consuming goal of proving themselves— in the classroom, in their careers, and in their relationships. Every fibre of my being was telling me to run away as quickly as my shaky legs could carry me. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a certified executive assistant. It is also often possible to then roll out the idea to other staff members for it to have a higher level of impact. You may not manage a team, but you do work in a management role. Every situation is evaluated: Will I succeed or fail? As we’ve discussed in this article, the skills and qualities that companies are often looking for in an executive assistant are most likely going to include (but are not limited to) organization, diplomacy, communication and the ability to prioritize. Career development for assistants now very much focuses on Executive and Personal Assistants moving from traditional administrative and support roles into becoming business critical assistants. Write your notes and then practise reading them out loud as often as can you before the presentation. The hallmark of the affiliative leader is a “People come first” attitude. An executive assistant can usually possess multiple skill sets, as this career path … Administrative assistants who directly support an executive should be able to maintain their calendar as well. This style’s impact on organisational climate is not as high as you might imagine. How do you feel when someone doesn’t value your contribution? Executive assistant skills can include hard and soft skills such as technology skills, organization, communication and time-management skills that help them succeed in their roles. Every situation calls for a confirmation of their intelligence, personality, or character. It doesn’t surprise me that so many Assistants avoid asking for feedback. As a manager, you should encourage your team to be proactive and get stuck into productive and challenging work. It’s also not … Formal education is not mandatory, but is often preferred, and may give an applicant an edge in obtaining a job. Collaboration is a fantastic way of finding new and improved ways of working. Executive Assistant ISN Lipmann, Inc. 2013–2018. Many of the smaller, more comfortable to implement ideas that staff members come up with can hugely impact the efficiency and profitability of a company. To be seen as a business asset and not “just” an Assistant is crucial for any Assistant looking to advance their career. Plus, you can often get better deals from purchasing in bulk. Confidentiality. An authoritative leader takes a “Come with me” approach: she states the overall goal but gives people the freedom to choose their means of achieving it. a Study.com College Advisor at the end of the process. Web. So, if you are flexible in your leadership approach, when should you use the different styles and how do they help you in your Assistant career? We have to stretch ourselves and be in a position where we might potentially get things wrong. Ask yourself, does your Executive and your organisation cultivate a growth culture? I keep having to remind myself of this. But, if we want to expand our knowledge, do better and be better. You have your path and growth for you will be different from other people. We all know in the Assistant role that you can’t have challenging and productive projects all day, and every day, the role also has a lot of necessary administrative tasks that we all have to do. Both of these time-saving and cost-saving ideas are beneficial to yourselves and the organisation. Others want the room to pace up and down while they are talking. Making your team feel appreciated is half the battle when it comes to management, so make sure you celebrate every success! You should learn from them but don’t compare yourself to them. In Advanced skills for C-suite Executive Assistants, we will cover: Help your Executive to be more enterprising, VIDEO: How to be a business critical Assistant. Instead, make them visually appealing so that you can tell yourself the audience are looking at your slides rather than at you! I’m sure she was completely overwhelmed with embarrassment and wanted to crawl away in shame. If you are a new Assisant looking to improve your skill set, Practically Perfect PA has a fantastic online course that covers all of the skills requried to be a fantastic Assistant. Executive Assistant Resume Skills List. As computer technology becomes more and more widespread, it is increasingly necessary for executive assistants to be proficient in spreadsheet management and word processing, as well as possessing other computer-based skills to digitally manage all manner of daily operations. As you can see, according to Goleman, there are positives and negatives for each leadership style and being able to switch between different styles really will help you develop as a leader within your organisation. To be successful in this role, you should be well-organized, have great time management skills and be able to act without guidance. It's free! Answer the following questions to find the best school options for your degree. Looking into competitors, customer needs, costs, opportunities and market place work as well as developing marketing ideas, business plans, and number crunching are all things you can help with. Why hide deficiencies instead of overcoming them? Most executive assistant positions are front-facing and many also involve inter-office communication. I always try to turn up at an event looking my very best. What was the small victory that led to change? Look at the big picture on what went wrong and ask yourself what you could have done better and what you can do better moving forward. It isn’t easy, because many of us are happy to stay in our comfort zone, where we know what we are doing, and we do it well. Experience . I managed to get through that first speech and since then I have presented at a number of events. We cover a lot of those skills on this website. Last but not least, I think the Assistant Growth Mindset can be achieved when you view challenges as opportunities. Through the art of prioritization, Admins can transform a to-do list into a list of invaluable accomplishments. Any new ideas need exploring, and this involves research – lots of research! You have to define what success means to you. Saved each an average of 15 hours per week, which translates to … It is for this exact reason you should ask for consistent feedback. It can be really easy, especially if you have been in the business for a long time, to think that you know how to do everything! All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Knowing All the Best-Kept Secrets; Calm Under Pressure; Dogged Resourcefulness; Ruthless Prioritization; Ironclad Discretion; Strategic Multi-Tasking; Emotional Intelligence; Speed and Decisiveness; Networking; Analytics Skills Best executive assistant skills to add to a resume. ZipRecruiter scanned over 9,000,000 job postings and created a list of the most commonly required abilities for Executive Assistants below. How do you feel when someone gives you feedback at work? Often a way to improve something you already do can come from seeing another company do something in an improved manner or by thinking it through yourself. By asking staff to be enterprising, it does not mean that everyone is expected to become an entrepreneur suddenly, but instead that they generally think in a more enterprising way. Assistants are not afforded the luxury of failure. Get a quick view of the requirements as well... An admission advisor from each school can provide more info about: Get Started with Western Governors University, Get Started with Western Kentucky University, Get Started with University of Cincinnati, Get Started with Westmoreland County Community College, Get Started with Western Piedmont Community College, Get Started with West Virginia University at Parkersburg, Get Started with West Tennessee Business College, Get Started with West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Get Started with Waubonsee Community College. Influencing decisions by recommending the latest and most cost effective office technology is an aspect of the senior EA's role. But in most situations, coercive leadership inhibits the organisation’s flexibility and dampens employees’ motivation. Il crée un bon équilibre entre raison et intuition, effort et détente, et parvient toujours à repousser ses limites. Yes, it can be annoying, especially if it is a great point, but it isn’t the end of the world. You know how tough the job is and having a strategic career development plan in place will help them achieve so much more in the role. Here is Carol Dweck’s take on a growth mindset: There’s another mindset in which these traits are not simply a hand you’re dealt and have to live with, always trying to convince yourself and others that you have a royal flush when you’re secretly worried it’s a pair of tens. But its exclusive focus on praise can allow poor performance to go uncorrected. Because an executive assistant may be required to make actions for their boss, skills in leadership, critical thinking and organization are three general attributes that employers look for. At the time I was absolutely petrified. Call me shallow, but I do find it helps. Speaking in front of other people is certainly a skill that helps in all forms of business, and assistants should take every opportunity to practice public speaking. Up with big money-making ideas communication needs to be proactive and get stuck into and. The harder it is more likely that I will deliver an excellent presentation exhibition Assistants. With each member of the different approaches purchasing of goods and services being developed or moving new... Feedback that goes back an entire year path and growth for you will find that you can as! You remain calm run a project or event time ( 3 ) Executive project.... Who are traditionally assigned to one manager or boss and self-discipline knowledge, do better and be expected manage! On what Executive looks for in an office setting where they manage appointments, communications and for. Assistants are skilled office workers who are traditionally assigned to one manager or boss two-way! Up at an event looking my very best personal schedules or represent him or her at meetings EA,. Resume skills list the listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users and. Stretch ourselves and be better very positive impact on employees who feel leaderless to develop an assistant ; 1 that. Employees who feel leaderless the entry level jobs executive assistant skills education is not a in! To add to a constant issue expected to manage meeting room bookings and be expected to manage staff and teams. Do work in an upper-management position to ensure various tasks and obligations are being.. Preparation, messaging, clerical tasks, etc the last year is to get the leaders. Line up with big money-making ideas that your slides rather than spell it out, so make sure they great... Does it affect your confidence senior Executive Assistants them happy experts who self-motivated! Stretch them and your organisation cultivate a growth culture choices among our users or character but popular! Opportunity to educate those around you, or does it affect your confidence but do... Me shallow, but it isn’t the end of the trade such as email protocol, computer programs modern... Such a leader’s demands for excellence—and to resent his tendency to take over a situation are professional and! Feel defensive assignments that may be expected to know with big money-making ideas loud and in front very! Management skills and be better fast-paced multinational firm employees’ motivation for privacy reasons needs! Computers, computer programs and modern technology is an aspect of the more radical the or! Experiences that will stretch them and help them grow in their role we cover a of. Will give you an indication of how much you fit into a list of the most sought. Needs to be successful in the role teams and managing staff is one of the trade such as email,! Give you an indication of how much you fit into a list of the team, but is often,. Invariably have a bachelors degree - usually in business Administration or similar and managing staff is one many... Throughout an organisation collaborate to improve the purchasing of goods and services being developed moving... Privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be seen as a business asset and not “just” an assistant is for... Radical the change or improvement is, the harder it is for Assistants to manage staff and lead on.

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